Have Novels by John Steinbeck Influenced Your Writing?

Share your new writing based on characters, scenes, and themes in novels by John Steinbeck with our international community. We publish new poetry and new short stories not yet in print, as well as play and screenplay scripts that haven’t been filmed or staged. Submit your poem, story, sketch, or script.


Hospital Memory: Christmas, 1955

Our Possible Other Lives

Nosferatu in “The Grapes of Wrath”

James Dean Kissing Julie Harris in East of Eden


Of Mice and Men: After Robert Burns

Janis Joplin & Jimi Hendrix Perform “Summertime”

A Flag for All Seasons


Snorkling in Waimea Bay in August

They Don’t Hate You Because You’re Different, They Hate You Because They’re Not

President Harry Truman’s Eldest Grandson

James Dean Commemorative Mug

George Reeves Contemplates the Hollywood Sign

Your Cheatin’ Heart

Fitzgerald and Zelda, February 1921

View from the Hill

Minuteman Missile

Going Back

Those Amazing Hills

The Year I Shouted Myself Hoarse Every Saturday

Steve McQueen, Leaning

Those Awesome Night Skies

Last Ride in a Convertible

After a Death in the World of Dying

Jehovah’s Witnesses Descend on South Bloomfield, Ohio


Elvis, 1968

Christmas Poem


A Woman Hanging Out Her Washing During the Harsh Winter in Eastern Kentucky

What the Lead Guitars Say and Do Not Say in Hotel California

Dead Man’s Petition

After a Great Wind

Cabinet of Curiosities

Praising the Gods Among Us

Walking Hills

People Who Have Nothing

The Velocity of a Bullet Is Absolute


Easy Rider

Another Effing Dead Dog



Jose Clemente Orozco in New York

New Poems

Life Poems

Stealing Men’s Magazines at 11

Ace Hotel, Downtown LA Exterior, Jesus Saves Reverse

Walking to Fleming Hospital

Life Poems

Flood Carries Burning House

Not Nothing


Naked John Steinbeck

Black Transport

Christmas Eve, with Owls

Childhood’s End

Steinbeck’s Boat, Port Townsend Washington

Mourning What We Thought We Were in Trump’s America

A Trio of Animal Poems

I Am What I Am

The Leader

The Bright and Unforgettable Scent of the Fruit

The Mind Is a Cave of Dreams

Homeless Man Reports Dead Body

The Victorian Belief That a Train Ride Could Cause Instant Insanity

Ku Klux Klan at the Carnival in Canon City, 1925

When Paul Newman Was Alive

As Much Ours as Not Ours