The Guardian Tweets Great Britain’s Love for Steinbeck

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Book lovers who read The Guardian, the long-lived daily newspaper in Great Britain with an international reach and reputation, picked two distinctively American novels by John Steinbeck—Tortilla Flat and Cannery Row—as this month’s selections for the paper’s reading group. “While Steinbeck himself was a popular choice as an author to help us celebrate the human spirit, winning many nominations for other books,” explained the book editor of The Guardian in a tweet to the group, “this feels like a good result, not least because both novels have their own special kind of glow and warmth.” John and Elaine Steinbeck—avid internationalists who had their pick of pleasant places—spent their happiest year in Great Britain, and literate Brits continue to return the love. “[Steinbeck’s] books still sell in their millions,” The Guardian added. “Here in the UK, Of Mice and Men is a staple of school exams, while The Grapes of Wrath remains a favourite around the world. Almost half a century after Steinbeck’s death, his reputation seems as solid and secure as any writer of his era.” Quite so.

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  1. Hailing to Good Form…….🌕🌿
    Thank You

  2. Herb Behrens says:

    We are living here [Discove Cottage, Bruton, England] very happily and simply. I don’t remember ever being so content and at home. To a large extent our contentment grows out of a lack of things. Last night in front of the fire I built myself with wood I chopped myself, we were speaking of this, of how the things we think we must have are the causes of most of our unease.

    – Steinbeck: A Life in Letters. Chase Horton. 6/8/59. 642, Discove Cottage,

  3. In 1959 Dennis Murphy, family friend of John’s, said the Steinbeck’s had just come back from England and that he had access to their cottage. I was living on Huckleberry Hill in Monterey, writing my first novel. Dennis, writing his first book (The Sergeant) said he wasn’t up to going and asked if I was interested.

    No. Not then. Maybe later.
    Much, much later, I went. Though not to the cottage but to Leamington Spa to a comfortable house that was heated by a mock fire in the fireplace. Better than chopping wood.


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