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John Steinbeck ideas and events are international affairs. Need proof? The current issue of Steinbeck Review, a scholarly journal published in the spring and fall for San Jose State University by Penn State Press, demonstrates Steinbeck’s global relevance in an array of articles, book reviews, and announcements of interest to Steinbeck lovers everywhere. Four academic experts—Susan Shillinglaw, Melinda Pham, TK Martin, and Pete Barraza—discuss the topic “Teaching and Living Steinbeck’s Stories” based on decades of classroom experience. Mimi Gladstein, a professor in Texas, focuses on “Immigration Issues: Steinbeck’s Continued Relevance.” Other contributors connect Steinbeck’s writing to issues of ecology, economy, and technology, international affairs of equal importance today. A helpful list of books and papers about John Steinbeck published in 2012-13 further confirms Steinbeck’s continuing appeal, despite declining readership for other authors of his generation. So does a pair of book reviews—one about discovering post-Steinbeck America on the road (with your dog), another about the ongoing controversy over Steinbeck’s alleged involvement with the CIA. The announcement that San Jose State University will host a conference on John Steinbeck’s internationalism in May of 2016, the first such event since 2013, is particularly welcome news for readers of Steinbeck Review outside the United States. Love John Steinbeck’s fiction and follow international affairs? Do yourself a favor. Subscribe today.

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