Explore John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row with the Experts on February 21

Image of Cannery Row in Monterey, California

Monterey California’s historic Cannery Row, the setting of great books by John Steinbeck, is a deep subject. That’s why the not-for-profit Cannery Row Foundation invites you to explore Cannery Row’s past, present, and relevance to John Steinbeck’s life and writing at a February 21 symposium featuring scholars, filmmakers, and artists from the United States and France. The all-day event will take place in the Monterey Boat Works Auditorium of Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station, where John Steinbeck took college courses and first learned about the unique ecology of the Monterey, California Bay.

Image of Michael Hemp and historic photos of Monterey, California

Michael Hemp, the energetic author of a popular book about Cannery Row, is the organizer, so expect to be entertained as well as educated. Along with Hemp, speakers include John Steinbeck scholars Richard Astro, Susan Shillinglaw, Steven Federle, and Donald Kohrs; Monterey, California fishing historian Robert Enea; and filmmakers Eva Lothar and Steven and Mary Albert. Historic images showing Monterey, California’s sardine industry from the Pat Hathaway photo collection will be on display, along with paintings and sculpture inspired by John Steinbeck’s great books and Cannery Row characters.

Sign up at symposium@canneryrow.org. The 9:00-5:00 event costs only $25 and space is limited.

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