Think Global, Act Now! 2016 John Steinbeck Conference at San Jose State University

Cover image from latest issues of San Jose State University's John Steinbeck Review
Mark your calendar for May 2016, but put on your thinking cap today. The newly renamed International Society of Steinbeck Scholars will host John Steinbeck as an International Writer, a conference on the author’s continued relevance for the 21st century, in San Jose, California, May 4-6, 2016. Scholars, students, and lovers of Steinbeck everywhere are invited to participate by attending and submitting a paper for presentation at this landmark event, hosted by the Martha Heasley Cox Center for Steinbeck Studies at San Jose State University. According to the recent issue of Steinbeck Review—printed by Penn State Press, a powerhouse of scholarly journals on popular subjects such as John Steinbeck—the 2016 conference will probe Steinbeck’s connections with classical and modern literature, philosophy, politics, ethics, gender studies, and world affairs. Have global ideas about Steinbeck’s internationalism worth exploring in a paper of your own? Subscribe today and submit your proposal between August 2015 and March 2016.

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