Kate Fox

About Kate Fox

Kate Fox ‘s poems have appeared in the Great River Review, Green Mountains Review, Valparaiso Review, Mount Hope, and West Branch. Her chapbook, The Lazarus Method, was published by Kent State University Press, and another chapbook, Walking Off the Map, is forthcoming from Seven Kitchens Press in fall 2014. She earned her Ph.D. in American literature/creative writing from Ohio University and currently works as a writer/editor for Textual Healing.

Of Mice and Men: After Robert Burns

This is my work, as the plow unearths
its burden of hunger from the page: seagulls,
their wheeling cry and strut among dumpsters,
pigeons, like Russian women knotted down
by their scarves, stooping and pecking
under park benches for that last morsel,
even the mouse, caught in a dishtowel at Greyfriar’s—
“The wee mice come free,” the barmaid quips,
and the meal continues with the mouse, the pigeons,
the seagulls on the windowsill, with the man hunkered
down on Cockburn St. with his blanket and pet ferret,
with all of us scavengers, not long for this world.