Steinbeck Country & Beyond

Photographs by David Laws

Distant Fremont Peak photo by David Laws

Distant Fremont Peak from the salt marshes near Moss Landing

Bas relief by Joe Mora photograph by David Laws

Bas relief by Jo Mora of a missionary who accompanied the Spanish colonizers at the entrance to Monterey Courthouse

Barren hills near the Hamilton Ranch photograph by David Laws

Barren hills near the Hamilton Ranch, King City

La Gloria Schoolhouse photograph by David Laws

La Gloria schoolhouse in San Lorenzo Park, King City

Steinbeck House photograph by David Laws

The Steinbeck House, Central Avenue, Salinas

Plaza Hall, San Juan Bautista, photograph by David Laws

Plaza Hall, San Juan Bautista, stand-in for the King City Hotel in the 1981 TV miniseries “East of Eden”

David Laws About David Laws

David Laws is a photographer and writer living in California. A former Silicon Valley technology executive, he recently developed a digital guide to the people and places that informed the life and work of John Steinbeck.


  1. David,

    Just caught some of your photos on Will Ray’s STEINBECK NOW site. B.F.B.—Or as we used to call in Laos, “109!”

    Outstanding images of the hills near King City, the Elkhorn Slough, and Steinbeck House! If I am ever able to use them on web-work, may I, with your attribution? You keep getting bigger and bigger to me.


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