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Reflections of an American Mossad: A Documentary Drama by Steve Hauk

Was John Steinbeck the Albert Einstein of American fiction? If relativity means interrelatedness, the answer is yes. That’s the view of Steve Hauk, the California writer who lives in the Pacific Grove home once owned by John Steinbeck’s friend Ed Ricketts. In stories and plays set in Pacific Grove, Monterey, and Salinas, Steve captures the spirit of Steinbeck and his California … [Read More...]

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Kite Runner Author Accepts 2014 John Steinbeck Award at San Jose State University

Khaled Hosseini, author of the bestselling 2003 novel The Kite Runner, will receive the John Steinbeck “In the Souls of the People” Award at San Jose State … [Read More...]

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House of Lords Thinking: Why John Steinbeck Is Out in Winston Churchill’s England

Winston Churchill, modern Britain's greatest leader, had an American mother. Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, is believed by elitist Englishmen to be the … [Read More...]

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Summering with Steinbeck, Who Traveled with Charley: Pack The Portable John Steinbeck for Your Trip

John Steinbeck’s dog Charles le Chien remains a creature to be envied, having been squired across mid-20th century America by his restless owner, the author who transformed their journey together into Travels with Charley, a lyrical paean rich in social … [Read More...]


Of Mice and Myth: John Steinbeck, Carl Jung, and The Epic of Gilgamesh

John Steinbeck’s short novel Of Mice and Men is a powerful exploration of isolation, disenfranchisement, and problems of social integration in an era of cultural fracture. Divided by class, race, and gender, its characters struggle to assimilate into the small … [Read More...]


Winston Churchill Rolls, George Orwell Rejoices: American Authors Banished from Schools in Great Britain

Winston Churchill is turning in his grave as George Orwell rejoices. John Steinbeck and other American authors, a group deeply disliked by George Orwell, are about to be dropped from Great Britain’s school curriculum. According to “Syal but no Steinbeck in … [Read More...]


John Steinbeck Explains Marco Rubio on Global Warming in Sea of Cortez

This week the issue of global warming caused embarrassing problems for Marco Rubio as the Republican Senator from Miami rolled out his unofficial entry into the 2016 presidential race. Sorry, but I couldn't help noticing. Although I am not a Republican and no … [Read More...]