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John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and Stephen King’s Alternate History of America

John Steinbeck wasn't a fan of science fiction, but Stephen King, the reigning master of the form, is a fan of Steinbeck and his books, including Of Mice and Men. Steinbeck’s 1937 novella about George and Lennie plays a particularly important role in 11/22/63, King’s alternate history of America, published on November 8, 2011, five years to the day before Americans elect their … [Read More...]

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Passed On: John Steinbeck’s Affinity for the Visual Arts

John Steinbeck not only liked being painted, he liked artists and had a deep affinity for the visual arts. For much of his life he counted artists among his most … [Read More...]

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Paul Newman’s Of Mice and Men: Steve Hauk’s True Story

Now and then I wonder what Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men would have looked like staged by Paul Newman, how it would have felt. Would George have taken on a swagger? … [Read More...]

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Steinbeck Event Benefits Cesar Chavez Center

Francisco Jimenez, an award-winning children's writer and Santa Clara University professor, will receive the John Steinbeck “In the souls of the people” award at a September 28 event benefiting San Jose State University’s Cesar Chavez Community Action Center. … [Read More...]

Thinking of John Steinbeck? Pencil Your Own Blog Post

SteinbeckNow.com is the author website with an ambitious mission: to connect John Steinbeck, who preferred pencils, with readers accustomed to computers. Other American authors also have author websites. But most are designed for academics, or tied to venues … [Read More...]

Memo to the Supreme Court On Of Mice and Men and the Death Penalty, With Helpful Hints from Literary Criticism

The August 22 New York Times story by Adam Liptak—“Supreme Court to Consider Legal Standard Drawn From ‘Of Mice and Men’”—suggests that a book by John Steinbeck, like the Bible itself, is open to misinterpretation whenever there is a point to prove. In … [Read More...]

What The New York Times, The Charlotte Observer, and Christianity Today Had to Say About John Steinbeck

Three recent newspaper stories served as reminders that John Steinbeck remains relevant to readers, and useful to editors, experts, and leaders who make policy in his name. Of Mice and Men dominated the August 22 New York Times report on a Texas death penalty … [Read More...]