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Creative Art by Belle Yang Inspired by the Landscape of Steinbeck’s Monterey Bay

Ching-Chong, Chinaman When Steve Hauk of Hauk Fine Arts Gallery in Pacific Grove, California, curated a show of Steinbeck art and artifacts, I contributed Ching-Chong, Chinaman, a gouache painting inspired by a scene in Steinbeck’s novel Cannery Row. Andy is visiting the Row from Salinas and taunts a mysterious old fisherman. When the Chinese turns around, Andy sees the … [Read More...]

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The Chinese of Steinbeck’s Monterey Bay and Salinas Valley: An Artist’s Story

My family moved to the Monterey Bay region 45 years ago. We were drawn to the mist-swaddled crags at Point Lobos, which whispered of our ancestral homeland. Yet we … [Read More...]

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Why John Steinbeck Would Support Bernie Sanders Now

If John Steinbeck were alive today he would support Bernie Sanders for president. Why? Because Bernie Sanders is the kind of outspoken progressive the author of … [Read More...]

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Happy Birthday to Oliver Sacks, On the Move at 82

The literary neuroscientist Oliver Sacks will be 82 next month. Robin Williams, who portrayed Sacks in the 1990 film Awakenings, would be 64 in July if he were still alive. Like John Steinbeck, both men broke boundaries in inspired work that defied convention, … [Read More...]


Pulitzer Prize Finalist Writing John Steinbeck Biography: Talk With William Souder

Plans to publish a new John Steinbeck biography by William Souder, a Pulitzer Prize finalist for Under a Wild Sky: John James Audubon and the Making of The Birds of America, received wide attention for good reason. When Souder’s John Steinbeck biography is … [Read More...]


Carl Jung’s Psychology and John Steinbeck’s Horoscope

If you keep an open mind about astrology, as I’ve done in my investigation and application of its principles, you can learn quite a bit about John Steinbeck from his horoscope wheel. I know: reading astrology charts seems unusual for an electronic technician … [Read More...]


Kafka’s Ghost: A True Story

In light of the pro-war sentiments of political conservatives today, it's important to remember that it was right-wing opposition to the Roosevelt administration that kept the United States on the sidelines as Hitler swept across Europe as the 1930s closed and … [Read More...]