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$4.8 Million Gift to John Steinbeck Center Reported By San Jose Mercury News

The April 20, 2016 San Jose Mercury News reports a record-breaking gift to San Jose State University by Martha Heasley Cox, a retired English professor with a love for John Steinbeck. In 1955—the year East of Eden became a movie—Cox arrived in San Jose from Arkansas with a new PhD to work at San Jose State, where she taught courses and organized conferences devoted to … [Read More...]

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Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis Grapes of Wrath Motion Picture Off or On?

Steven Spielberg’s motion picture remake of The Grapes of Wrath with Daniel Day-Lewis may finally happen if a suit by Waverly Scott Kaffaga, the daughter of John … [Read More...]

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Sea of Cortez at 75: Salinas, California Celebrates John Steinbeck on Land and Sea

The annual Steinbeck Festival held in John Steinbeck’s hometown of Salinas, California is back. In celebration of Steinbeck’s enduring legacy as a … [Read More...]

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Some Walls Are Built as Bridges: San Jose State University Celebrates John Steinbeck and Civil Rights

Some walls separate. Others connect. Admirers at San Jose State University have built a handsome wall to commemorate John Steinbeck’s enduring connection with social justice and civil rights, a tie that is celebrated in the John Steinbeck “In the souls of … [Read More...]

Notes from a Broken Nation: Carmel, California’s Michael Katakis Shatters the Myth of American Exceptionalism

Good news from Down Under. A Thousand Shards of Glass, a collection of essays, letters, and journal entries by the travel writer-photographer Michael Katakis, has been published in paperback and eBook by The Author People, an Australian outfit with a … [Read More...]

Santa Clara, California Drops The Ball on John Steinbeck And Dorothea Lange

John Steinbeck knew Dorothea Lange, the iconic Depression-Era photographer who documented the plight of itinerant farm workers like Steinbeck's Joads, and Lange’s images illustrated the cover of Their Blood Is Strong, the collection of columns Steinbeck wrote … [Read More...]

John Steinbeck’s Monterey, California: The Way It Was

I was surprised when my friends Matt and Vivian told me about a silk opera cape that John Steinbeck wore long ago to a posh cocktail party in Pebble Beach. I didn't doubt them (I knew them too well for that), but really—an opera cape with a red lining? It … [Read More...]