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Time for Change! Russell Brand and Naomi Klein Channel John Steinbeck

Though he’d probably be puzzled by the media contemporary counter-cultural critics like Russell Brand and Naomi Klein employ to communicate the human cost of mounting income inequality, predatory capitalism, and pending climate crisis—YouTube, podcasts, personal websites—John Steinbeck would likely agree with their call for a revolution in how we think and organize ourselves as … [Read More...]

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Short Story by Roy Bentley: “The War of Northern Aggression”

It had rained. The hillside was a black enormity both sides of the road as if the world had lost its color or dissolving objects had become apparitions and blurred … [Read More...]

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Short Story Narrated: “The War Of Northern Aggression”

  Gloria Regalbuto Bentley narrates “The War of Northern Aggression,” a searing short story set in the Steinbeck-era South, where a female patient on funeral … [Read More...]

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Think Global, Act Now! 2016 John Steinbeck Conference at San Jose State University

Mark your calendar for May 2016, but put on your thinking cap today. The newly renamed International Society of Steinbeck Scholars will host John Steinbeck as an International Writer, a conference on the author's continued relevance for the 21st century, in … [Read More...]


Calling Dr. Freud? Letter Explains John Steinbeck’s Short Story “The Snake”

Fresh questions raised by scholars about the source of John Steinbeck’s brief short story “With Your Wings,” recently published for the first time, reminded me that Steinbeck's college friend, the writer A. Grove Day, once sent me a personal letter with an … [Read More...]


John Steinbeck’s African-Americans—Author Susan Shillinglaw Clarifies the Context of the World War II Hero in “With Your Wings”

  The publication of John Steinbeck’s “With Your Wings” continues to stimulate conversation about the writer’s understanding of African-Americans and the roots and relevance of his forgotten World War II short story about a black Air Force aviator. Last week … [Read More...]


The Facts about “With Your Wings”—Robert DeMott on an Old John Steinbeck Short Story Recently in the News

For decades a leading scholar of American literature taught John Steinbeck using a race-themed Steinbeck short story described as lost in news reports on its recent publication by a colorful short story magazine. Printed in The Strand Magazine for the first … [Read More...]