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Why Steinbeck Matters: Bernie Sanders’s Bill of Rights Speech at George Washington University Recalls Franklin Roosevelt

Google “Bernie Sanders-Georgetown University” for proof that John Steinbeck still matters. Sanders, the progressive Senator from the State of Vermont who is running for President of the United States, echoed Steinbeck’s greatest novel and channeled Franklin Roosevelt, Steinbeck's favorite President, during a passionate speech to students at Georgetown University on November 19. … [Read More...]

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“Bill”: Monterey, California Short Story by Steve Hauk

Bill I Bill has swept back blond hair, lazy blue eyes, sucked in cheeks, a gaunt, leathery look from years of house painting. He spent decades balancing on ladders … [Read More...]

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California’s Wild Edge: History, Poetry, and Art of Steinbeck’s California Coast

The Central California coast from Big Sur to Monterey Bay has become synonymous with John Steinbeck and Robinson Jeffers, the iconic poet of the California coast who … [Read More...]

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John Steinbeck Biographer Writes Life of Gore Vidal, Master of Historical Fiction

Though they were born a generation apart on opposite coasts, John Steinbeck and Gore Vidal—bestselling writers with close ties to Broadway, Hollywood, and progressive politics—had much in common. Empire of Self: A Life of Gore Vidal, by John Steinbeck’s … [Read More...]

She Gave John Steinbeck Studies a Home: Martha Heasley Cox, 1919-2015

Martha Heasley Cox died in San Francisco, age 96, on September 5, 2015. Her colleague Paul Douglass celebrates her contribution to John Steinbeck studies, San Jose State University, San Francisco culture, and American literature in a heartfelt tribute to the … [Read More...]

Timely Topic: John Steinbeck As an International Writer— Planners Invite Proposals for Papers at 2016 Conference in San Jose, California

In a 1946 letter, John Steinbeck described arriving in Denmark to find “thirty cameramen with flashlights . . . . I didn’t know anyone treated writers like this.” He later observed that Denmark was the only country in the world to keep all his books in print. … [Read More...]

Big Sur, Point Lobos, and Cannery Row: Digital Photography by Charles Cramer

Like his teacher Ansel Adams, Charles Cramer is a master of the piano and photography whose timeless images capture the music of nature in visual form. View Big Sur, Point Lobos, and Cannery Row as the music-lover John Steinbeck saw them in this sample of … [Read More...]