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In Dubious Battle Motion Picture by James Franco, Steinbeck Fan, Premieres

Movie reviews, like book reviews, sometimes influence audience behavior. But as John Steinbeck proved, loyal fans often ignore reviews if they really like an author or an actor. When James Franco’s motion picture adaptation of In Dubious Battle is released in the U.S. later this year, it's doubtful that fans of Steinbeck or Franco will be affected one way or the other by the … [Read More...]

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Steinbeck Event Benefits Cesar Chavez Center

Francisco Jimenez, an award-winning children's writer and Santa Clara University professor, will receive the John Steinbeck “In the souls of the people” award at a … [Read More...]

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Thinking of John Steinbeck? Pencil Your Own Blog Post

SteinbeckNow.com is the author website with an ambitious mission: to connect John Steinbeck, who preferred pencils, with readers accustomed to compuers. Other … [Read More...]

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What The New York Times, The Charlotte Observer, and Christianity Today Had to Say About John Steinbeck

Three recent newspaper stories served as reminders that John Steinbeck remains relevant to readers, and useful to editors, experts, and leaders who make policy in his name. Of Mice and Men dominated the August 22 New York Times report on a Texas death penalty … [Read More...]

Thomas Steinbeck, John Steinbeck’s Son, Dead at 72

As reported by the New York Times, John Steinbeck’s surviving son, Thomas Steinbeck, died on August 11 in Santa Barbara, California, from cardiopulmonary disease, the condition that contributed to his father's death at age 66 in 1968. A second Steinbeck son, … [Read More...]

British Broadcast Star Interviews John Steinbeck Historian for BBC Series

John Steinbeck returned repeatedly to his family roots in Northern Ireland, both in his writing and in his travels. His 1952 novel East of Eden is a paean to his grandfather Sam Hamilton, the Scots-Irish immigrant who settled in California’s Salinas Valley in … [Read More...]

Lindsay Hatton Revisits Cannery Row in New Novel

The main action of Monterey Bay, Lindsay Hatton's debut novel, takes place in 1940, a big year for John Steinbeck, Ed Ricketts, and Monterey's Cannery Row, where Hatton’s story is set. Waves churned up by the publication of The Grapes of Wrath in 1939 were … [Read More...]