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The Facts about “With Your Wings”—Robert DeMott on an Old John Steinbeck Short Story Recently in the News

For decades a leading scholar of American literature taught John Steinbeck using a race-themed Steinbeck short story described as lost in news reports on its recent publication by a colorful short story magazine. Printed in The Strand Magazine for the first time since being read on the radio by Orson Welles during World War II, "With Your Wings"—Steinbeck’s inspiring portrayal … [Read More...]

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John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath Celebrated in Farsi Language by Najia Karim

  John Steinbeck’s poetic protest novel The Grapes of Wrath came to renewed life in a Farsi language poem written and recited by Najia Karim for San Jose State … [Read More...]

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Viva Zapata!—Steinbeck, Motion Pictures, and the Mexican Revolution

Unlike other famous authors of his generation such as Faulkner, Fitzgerald, and Hemingway, John Steinbeck experienced more success than failure in motion picture … [Read More...]

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Kite Runner Author Accepts 2014 John Steinbeck Award at San Jose State University

Khaled Hosseini, author of the bestselling 2003 novel The Kite Runner, will receive the John Steinbeck “In the Souls of the People” Award at San Jose State University on September 10, 2014. The 7:30 p.m. event benefits the Martha Heasley Cox Center for … [Read More...]


House of Lords Thinking: Why John Steinbeck Is Out in Winston Churchill’s England

Winston Churchill, modern Britain's greatest leader, had an American mother. Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, is believed by elitist Englishmen to be the real author of the works of William Shakespeare. Along with other American writers, John Steinbeck … [Read More...]


Remembering the San Francisco Journalist Who Interviewed John Steinbeck During Travels with Charley

The death of the San Francisco freelance writer Curt Gentry on July 10 made me especially sad. An old-school journalist, a loyal fan of John Steinbeck, and a fearless writer about subjects close to Steinbeck’s divided heart (J. Edgar Hoover, San Francisco … [Read More...]


Summering with Steinbeck, Who Traveled with Charley: Pack The Portable John Steinbeck for Your Trip

John Steinbeck’s dog Charles le Chien remains a creature to be envied, having been squired across mid-20th century America by his restless owner, the author who transformed their journey together into Travels with Charley, a lyrical paean rich in social … [Read More...]