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Cannery Row Symposium Celebrates Ed Ricketts, John Steinbeck’s Prince of Tides

John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts’s legendary expedition from Monterey Bay to the Sea of Cortez 75 years ago was celebrated in a February 21 symposium organized by Cannery Row historian Michael Kenneth Hemp and sponsored by the not-for-profit Cannery Row Foundation. Richard Astro—an academic superstar who first identified the John Steinbeck-Ed Ricketts relationship as a reason for … [Read More...]

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John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row: The Representational Art of Sculptor Lew Aytes

A multi-tasking Monterey, California sculptor whose busy career as a musician, businessman, and installation artist would have appealed to John Steinbeck has brought … [Read More...]

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Hollister, California, the San Benito County Town Where The Other Steinbecks Lived

In East of Eden John Steinbeck wrote imaginatively about the Salinas Valley Hamiltons—grandparents, aunts, and uncles on his mother's Scots-Irish side. But his … [Read More...]

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Short Story by Roy Bentley: “The War of Northern Aggression”

It had rained. The hillside was a black enormity both sides of the road as if the world had lost its color or dissolving objects had become apparitions and blurred into one another. We had never been close, my brother and me, standing apart even in family … [Read More...]


Short Story Narrated: “The War Of Northern Aggression”

  Gloria Regalbuto Bentley narrates “The War of Northern Aggression,” a searing short story set in the Steinbeck-era South, where a female patient on funeral furlough from an Eastern Kentucky mental hospital encounters a brother with secrets, a town … [Read More...]


J. Edgar Hoover and Me: Undercover for the Federal Bureau of Investigation During the Vietnam War

As an ambitious George Washington University student during the Vietnam War, Jody Gorran came to share John Steinbeck’s dim view of J. Edgar Hoover. Becoming an undercover operative for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and posing as a member of Students for … [Read More...]

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Think Global, Act Now! 2016 John Steinbeck Conference at San Jose State University

Mark your calendar for May 2016, but put on your thinking cap today. The newly renamed International Society of Steinbeck Scholars will host John Steinbeck as an International Writer, a conference on the author's continued relevance for the 21st century, in … [Read More...]