Steinbeck Review Invites Papers from Non-Specialists

Image of John Steinbeck at home in Pacific Grove

The new issue of Steinbeck Review, the biannual journal focusing on John Steinbeck’s life and work, includes literary criticism, book reviews, and a change in editorial policy of interest to fans of Steinbeck’s fiction. A Penn State University Press publication, Steinbeck Review was limited in the past to literary criticism, history, and news about Steinbeck from and for teachers and scholars. Acknowledging events in Charlottesville and Alabama and online writing about Steinbeck, the editors invite contributions from non-specialists applying their understanding of Steinbeck to political developments, constitutional rights, and social justice, as well as personal essays about Steinbeck’s impact outside the classroom. Articles of literary criticism in the current issue address formal and thematic aspects of Steinbeck’s writing in To a God Unknown, Of Mice and Men, The Grapes of Wrath, and The Winter of Our Discontent. Literary history and biography are represented by a piece on Steinbeck’s screenplay for the 1944 movie Lifeboat, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and a 2001 letter from Steinbeck’s son Thom about his father’s relationship with the portrait artist William Ward Beecher. Book reviews include a summary and opinion on Linda Wagner-Martin’s 2017 biography, John Steinbeck: A Literary Life.

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