In 2017 the Iran Deal Included John Steinbeck’s Hometown

Image of John Steinbeck House in Salinas, California

Guest book entries by visitors to the gift shop in the basement of John Steinbeck’s childhood home show that the Steinbeck House remains popular with readers who travel to Salinas, California from other towns, states, and countries. For example the guest book page for July 17-August 17 contains entries from a cosmopolitan array, including France, Wales, the Netherlands, Hungary, Norway, New Zealand, Germany, England, Italy, and Canada. Less conventionally, guest book entries for the current year also include the Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Portugal, Iceland, South Africa, and—even more surprising—the Republic of Iran. An internationalist who believed that good treaties prevent bad outcomes, John Steinbeck would like the idea that the Iran deal with the United States extended, however briefly, to Salinas, California.

Dale Bartoletti About Dale Bartoletti

Dale Bartoletti is a retired high school teacher in Salinas, California. He has lived in Steinbeck’s “Long Valley” since 1968 and wandered the hills, back roads, and California coastline celebrated in Steinbeck’s California fiction. He has been a docent at the Steinbeck House, Steinbeck’s Salinas, California birthplace, for more than a decade.

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