Angling Days: My Love Affair With American Literature, John Steinbeck & Fly Fishing

Cover of Robert DeMott's book on fly fishing

A book on fly fishing by a scholar of American literature is great news for fans of John Steinbeck, especially when the scholar is Bob DeMott. The author of Angling Days: A Fly Fisher’s Journals talks about his lifelong love affair with John Steinbeck and fly fishing in this interview for Armstrong Television, serving Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.—Ed.

Robert DeMott About Robert DeMott

Robert DeMott is Edwin and Ruth Kennedy Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Ohio University. His academic writing includes books, articles, and introductions to editions and anthologies of John Steinbeck that represent the best academic writing about Steinbeck in this generation. His books of poetry include News of Loss (1995); The Weather in Athens (2001), which won the Ohioiana Poetry Award; and Brief and Glorious Transit (2007). He lives in Ohio and fly fishes in Montana.


  1. Roy Bentley says:


    The delight you take in fly fishing and John Steinbeck is a tonic in these dark days. The podcast is teacherly in all the best senses, and about living. A subject Americans, me included, will benefit from hearing. Terrific stuff.


  2. I took the 28 minutes to listen to the video. To add – nothing beats the movies “A River Runs Through It” ( and “Low and Clear” (

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